Maldini analyzes AC Milan’s ‘fundamental’ recruitment strategy imposed after a period of ‘austerity’

AC Milan technical director Paolo Maldini offered some insights into the vision that the Rossoneri have in their recruitment strategy.

The American fund Elliott Management has devised the recipe to return to the top, and which contains structural investments (such as the stadium project) and the consolidation of accounts.

For example, the salary bill was significantly reduced from € 140 million when they took over the club to the current € 90 million, while the market balance went green after six years (+ 25.3 million in 2020-21) .

Maldini gave a lengthy interview to So Foot during which he discussed a number of topics including his past with society, the present and plans for the future, with his comments transcribed by MilanNews.

The director revealed his confidence in AC Milan’s new strategy, which is clearly focused on buying young players but also on the right complementary experience elements.

“First of all, when you have less time than Berlusconi’s first presidency might have had, for example, when you don’t have much choice, you have to be creative. In the first year I was called by Leonardo and we had a different vision of how the team should be. The club made important investments in the first year, even if in the calculation of income and expenses the expenditure was not excessive for a club like Milan.

“Leo, for economic reasons – Milan have lost and have continued to lose more than one hundred million a year – imposed rigor in signings and had planned to bet on young players to have a younger and more competitive team. The team I chose to work with me in all this (Zvonimir Boban and Ricky Massara) had in mind that working for Milan means respecting our history. We cannot build a project that does not have the idea, however small, of being successful in the short term.

“The challenge was therefore to be competitive and have a financially virtuous club. And I must say that today we have found that balance. Milan has lowered the average age of the players, it is the youngest team in Italy, one of the youngest teams in Europe.

“The road has been drawn. In all this, the experience of those who have played serves not to buy a player just because they are young, but also to be careful to have guides, more experienced players able to lead the younger ones. And this is crucial. “

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