President Agnelli seems to admit plans for the Super League are over as several clubs pull out

The president of the European Super League – and Juventus president Andrea Angelli – seems to have confirmed that the project is now over.

On Sunday evening, it was announced that 12 top European clubs – namely Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool Chelsea, Spurs, Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid – intended to form their own version of the champions. League.

The idea has been met with huge backlash from the media, fans, players and pundits and now it looks like it could end before it started with all six Premier League teams withdrawing from the proposed tournament.

Now, Super League president Andrea Agnelli has revealed that the league can go on longer after the retirement of six English clubs.

When asked if the project can still be realized after the exits, Agnelli replied (via Sky Sports News): “To be frank and honest no, obviously it isn’t.

“I am still convinced of the project, we would have created the best competition in the world.”

Second David Ornstein of Athletic, the Rossoneri have decided to withdraw from the competition and the other Italian teams are likely to follow.

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