Report: Brahim Diaz returns to Manchester

Playmaker Brahim Diaz has a clause in his contract that prevents him from joining Manchester United in the future, a report says.

Brahim joined AC Milan on loan for a season during the last summer transfer window and has shown his potential so far, having battled for playing time at Real Madrid prior to his arrival in Italy.

Diaz was signed by Real Madrid from Manchester City, where he had also struggled to make the leap in what was a crucial phase of his development. City decided to accept an offer of 15.5 million pounds (around 18 million euros) from Real Madrid in January 2019.

According to Daily mirror, as part of the deal the Premier League “included an extraordinary anti Manchester United clause”, stipulating that Real would have to pay a 40% sales commission if they let Diaz join the Red Devils.

The report adds that he will likely start at Old Trafford Thursday night in what will be a great opportunity for him to show both City and Madrid what he is capable of, and representatives from both sides will be watching with interest to see if he can finally. leave your mark on the big stage.

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